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Nerds Republic is the first collection of 10,000 unique characters living on the Radix Decentralised Ledger. Each digital Nerd represents an identity and grants full access to the owner within the newly formed Republic.

The home for all these Nerds is the TinCan, a space station orbiting Earth. The purpose of the Republic is to find habitable planets within our Galaxy and research alien forms of life. The most skilled and peculiar individuals are wanted.
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We roll on Fotons

The Nerds Republic is a set of unique digital collectibles, or NFTs, that will be minted on the highly scalable, fast and energy efficient Radix DLT. You can use them as an avatar, exchange them, or just contribute to the prosperity of the Republic and become the role model for the rest of the Nerds.

Each Nerd will have an initial 10k allowance of Foton tokens airdropped, the currency of the Republic, to spend at the TinCan Canteen on future items, to trade, support research or teach the noobs how crypto works.

The total supply of the Republic will be of 1 Billion Fotons.

The Specs

1. The NFT token is the Artwork.

Being implemented as an SVG file we managed to drastically reduce the size of the artwork so that it can be stored directly on the Radix Ledger. This feature guarantees that the artwork will never be separated from its proof of authenticity. More than that we can implement interactive elements or animations.

2. Crisp and sharp at any size.

No matter the size the Nerds are displayed, the artworks retain their accuracy due to the usage of vector graphics.  

3. Commercial rights

You can do whatever the hell you want with the artwork. Want to sell t-shirts with your Nerd because it's the coolest? Go ahead. 

4. Very low transaction fees

The artwork is hosted on what we believe to be the most technologically advanced decentralised ledger to date; this means very low fees for trading, fast and energy efficient.
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Reserve Now
& Mint AT Launch

** Update ** All supply is reserved, therefore reservations are closed. Thank you all for supporting the project and joining the adventure! **

Starting 7 August 2021 you can reserve Nerds by sending XRD (Radix tokens) to the wallet of the Republic. Each Nerd is 150 XRD. In exchange you will receive a Genesis Nerd Token (GNRD) in your wallet in the next 7 days. We send them in manual batches so please bear with us. We recommend to reserve max 10 Nerds at once to have a better distribution, although there is no actual limit to how many you can reserve.

Once the smart contracts will be available on Radix in 2022 on the Babylon release, you will be able to swap and mint one to one your Genesis Nerd token for the final NFT. If the project gets enough support according to the roadmap we might reveal the artwork earlier than the final minting on ledger.

If until the release of the smart contracts on Radix the Nerds are not fully reserved, the rest of them will be burned.

Wallet address:

Check in the Radix Explorer your transaction.

Disclaimer: Nerds Republic team is not responsible in any way if your transactions go wrong. Do not send XRD directly from exchanges, only private wallets! Pay attention that the address wallet is written in full and that it is the correct one. Do not use Ethereum Wallets for sending tokens, like Metamask or etc. You should use only the official Radix wallet that can be downloaded here. To get XRD tokens follow this guide.
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Milestones based on Nerds reserved:

10% - We buy noodles for the next 6 months
30% - Include first species of aliens among the Nerds
50% - The Nerds get extra supplies. More accessories, costumes, guns, bionic enhancements, pets, etc.
70% - The Mars base is open. Skills system revealed.
85% - New alien life. New species added.
100% - Open the Nerds only Cantina for chilling. NFT drinks are on the house. Merch store is open.


• Move the TinCan to a new Solar system.
• Decentralised Governance for the Republic.
• Introduce personal Ships for Nerds.
• Colonise planets and get land.
• Create a full fledged platform for NFTs on Radix
• Transform the Nerds Republic into a Metaverse game
• Hire Dennis Villeneuve to make a movie
• Conquer the Galaxy

By launch time the project aims to involve the community in its development as much as possible. We have a lot of ideas to implement and believe with your support we can deliver something truly unique in the NFT space. We're just getting started.

* Beyond objectives should be taken with a grain of salt. They are not guaranteed but desired.
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The Nerds Republic is made by the Council Nerds; two individuals doing the art, concept, and software development. If you're a true nerd you might decipher their names in the following code:
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Join a vibrant community of nerds from all over the Galaxy. If you want to be a part of the Republic better follow the rules! or you'll be shipped back to Earth with the nearest pod. Until you've got official pass, you're just a noob.
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